In 1922, the Ignatian Spirituality groups, the Marian Congregations, began to take a greater concern in their core spirituality. The Congregations, in 1948, progressed toward a clear statement of identity and future vision. In 1967, the movement took a decisive turn and a new name: Christian Life Communities (CLC). Marked by a clear set of General Principles, these communities expanded beyond their Catholic roots to include Christians from other denominations. Over the course of the next thirty years the movement began to flesh out the idea that mission and service to others begins at the local community level and then expands from this "spiritual center" to meet the spiritual and basic human needs of others around the world. National CLC USA and the World CLC Assembly are making continual efforts to re-emphasize the role of the Spiritual Exercises in small group formation that aims toward mission.

Over the course of the last decade, a thriving Christian Life Community has developed at LMU. At the encouragement of Father Jim Erps, CLC@LMU began in 1991 with one group that met bi-monthly. Gradually, the organization has grown into a large community of students that meet weekly for small group reflection, as well as, large group events that focus on community, spirituality, and service. Its growth has been fueled by the formation of spirited, dynamic, and fun-loving leaders who embody the CLC Way of Life in a manner that is both attractive and imaginable. Currently, CLC@LMU is shaped by students and staff from all faith traditions and walks of life, whose gifts and energy fashion CLC@LMU into the welcoming community of disciples that it is today.