Ignacio Companions (IC) Trips

Why Service Immersion in Campus Ministry?

Campus Ministry seeks to provide experiences where students can fall in love and grow in solidarity with the people of the world and especially the poor, to let their stories become our stories. An immersion trip through Campus Ministry will:

  • Encourage Ignatian reflection and spiritual examination in the context of a new culture.
  • Explore the intersection of faith and justice.
  • Examine injustice and the structures that perpetuate it through the lens of Catholic Social Teaching.

Ignacio Companions

Campus Ministry's Ignacio Companions (IC) Program offers immersion trips focused on three Core Values: Community, Solidarity, Faith/Justice. Participants are challenged to expand their worldview, open themselves to the reality of the people they encounter on the journey, and find God in all places and things. 

All IC Trips:

  • Are connected with a Jesuit Institution, Jesuit Apostolic Work, or Ignatian Inspired Organization
  • Provide an opportunity for Ignatian reflection and spiritual examination and exploration while immersed in new cultural context
  • Provide an opportunity to explore the intersection of faith and justice as integral to our being a people fully alive
  • Provide an opportunity for a faith-based experience with our host community
  • Provide an opportunity for participants to engage in a partnership and in solidarity with our host community

Are you interested in participating or leading an Ignacio Companions trip?

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Application Deadline:

IC Priority Leader Application closed: September 3rd

IC Application OPEN (extended) - Rolling Admission. Please apply by October 2nd

IC Participant Notifications: September 29th

Only accepting applications for IC Viet Nam June 1-15, 2024


Scholarships are available for every trip.


2023-2024 Trip Selection 

IC Montgomery, Alabama | Feb 24 - March 2, 2024  (New!)

Welcomed by Resurrection Missions, a local parish in Alabama. Students will journey throughout the South and learn about the Civil Rights movement. Participating in service projects, attending justice dinners with active members in the Civil Rights Movement, and visiting museums, students will immerse themselves into a spiritual and formative learning experience.

IC Nogales, AZ & MX | Feb 24 - March 2, 2024 

Partnering with KINO boarder Initiative, this program will focus on the reality of life in the borderlands. Students will walk across the U.S./Mexico border, hear stories about migration and life along the Nogales border region. Ultimately students will be challenged to listen, learn, and act as they explore the impacts of U.S. immigration policies and grow in their understanding of human dignity. 
IC Kingston, Jamaica | Feb 24 - March 2, 2024 
Students will live near, journey share faith with children with disabilities, pregnant teens, and youth effected by HIV. Our partner, Mustard Seeds Communities will guide and educate students on the realities of the city's most marginalized youth, teaching students to learn how to accompany and serve these beloved children.  
IC Quito, Ecuador | Feb 24 - March 2, 2024 
Partnering with the Center for Working Families we will learn how they "empower families to break the cycle of generational poverty."  Living onsite this trip will allow students to see, interact and share faith with the youth as they learn trade skills and other life skills to help them escape poverty. Students will learn about those living in poverty in Quito, and the systematic actions being implemented to break the cycle.

IC - Pleiku, Vietnam | June 1 - June 14, 2024

Partnering with the Sisters of the Daughters of St. Paul, students will share life with indigenous children in Pleiku. These children live in the boarding houses run by the sisters because their parents want them to have a better life.  We accompany them and learn how the sisters care for the lepers, the orphans, and the handicapped children. Finally, we will explore the intersection of church and government as we learn how the Catholic church operates in a Communist country. 


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If you have any questions or would like any information, feel free to contact Campus Ministry at ministry@lmu.edu or 310.338.2860.