Ignacio Companions (IC) Trips

Why Service Immersion in Campus Ministry?

Campus Ministry seeks to provide experiences where students can fall in love and grow in solidarity with the people of the world and especially the poor, to let their stories become our stories. An immersion trip through Campus Ministry should:

  • Encourage Ignatian reflection and spiritual examination in the context of a new culture.
  • Explore the intersection of faith and justice.
  • Examine injustice and the structures that perpetuate it through the lens of Catholic Social Teaching.


Campus Ministry's Ignacio Companions (IC) program offers immersion trips focused on four Core Values: Community, Solidarity, Faith and Justice. Participants are challenged to expand their worldview, open themselves to the reality of the people they encounter on the journey, and find God in all places and things. The Ignacio Companion program challenges participants to discover the deep connection between faith and justice, and become individuals more fully alive.

All IC Trips:

  • Are connected with a Jesuit Institution, Jesuit Apostolic Work, or Ignatian Inspired Religious Organization
  • Provide an opportunity for Ignatian reflection and spiritual examination and exploration while immersed in new cultural context
  • Provide an opportunity to explore the intersection of faith and justice as integral to our being a people fully alive
  • Provide an opportunity for a faith based experience with our host community
  • Provide an opportunity for participants to engage in a partnership and in solidarity with our host community


Cairo, Egypt – (New Trip) | $1,500

SPRING BREAK TRIPS: MARCH 8-15, 2019 | $1,200

Guayaquil, Ecuador | $1,200

  • Volunteer with Rostro de Cristo, a Catholic program that provides spiritual and educational opportunities for people of faith to live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the people of Ecuador. 

Georgetown, Guyana | $1,200

  • Learn about the culture of the Amazon and how the Jesuits work alongside the border of Guyana and Brazil
  • Meet with indigenous groups based along the border
  • Collaborate with Jesuit Antilles Province and with Jesuit-run organizations to learn about the people and their faith

Guadalajara, Mexico – (New Trip) | $1,000

  • Volunteer with FM4 Paso Libre, a migrant shelter
  • Collaborate with ITESO, the Jesuit university in Guadalajara   

Cholula, Mexico – (New Trip) | $1,000

  • Volunteer with Enlaces Comunitarios Internacionales.


SUMMER TRIP: MAY 2019| $1,200

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

  • Learn about the culture of Cambodia
  • Work alongside teachers in the New Hope for Cambodian Children (NHCC) orphanage and school for those infected with HIV/AIDS
  • Visit historical war sites, and learn more about the different faith backgrounds of the people
  • Meet with Jesuit-run organizations for artisans with disabilities

Trip costs are subsidized through Campus Ministry. All costs include airfare and/or ground transportation, room and board, service projects, and cultural immersion experiences.