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The breadth of programs we offer here in Campus Ministry at LMU have an ongoing impact on student formation. From students immersing themselves in service trips like De Colores to retreats such as Kairos or simply visiting Campus Ministry offices in Malone or in the Cave below Sacred Heart Chapel, we pride ourselves on fostering the spiritual growth of our LMU students as they deepen their involvement in the world and service to God and others.

Your contribution to Campus Ministry programming aid our students' ongoing faith-based experiences here in Campus Ministry. Below is a description of the designated programs. Please consider donating to one of our programs today.

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De Colores

De Colores immersion trips trips can be a transforming experience of stepping beyond borders; physical, cultural, linguistic, and personal.

LMU Alumni and founders of the Build a Miracle Foundation, Julianne and Chris North, initially coordinated these trips with the help of the LMU retreat program in Campus Ministry. Sr. Agnes Marie Schon, CSJ and Fernando Moreno, the Social Justice director, played a key role in supporting and organizing these initial 'retreat' service trips.

As relationships grew with the Tijuana community and the number of student participants increased, students were encouraged to develop their own trips. By 1988, LMU students were leading and making frequent trips that have grown into what has become known as "De Colores."

Feed the Hungry

For the past 15 years students, faculty, and staff have volunteered their lunch hour to make and deliver sandwiches to our homeless neighbors in the Santa Monica area.

Every Tuesday, we gather on the steps outside of Sacred Heart Chapel at 11:30 a.m. to make and pack lunches. Then at 12:15 p.m., members of the LMU community drive to Santa Monica to share lunches and enter into friendship with the homeless and hungry. The "Feed the Hungry" program strives to be a practical way for students and the greater LMU community to do direct service, to become exposed to concrete social justice issues, and to deepen our understanding and commitment to those most in need.

Kairos Retreat

At LMU, Kairos is a weekend retreat from Friday afternoon until Sunday evening that invites students to consider what it means to live intentionally in "God's time." It invites students to closely examine their relationships with God, themselves, and others. Kairos is, in format and content, a Catholic and specifically Ignatian retreat. It welcomes students of any religious tradition as well as those from no religious tradition at all.


Campus Ministry wishes to support the full, conscious, and active participation of all members of the community in our liturgical worship.

We regularly bring together the University community to celebrate the traditional rites of the Catholic Church.

Education and leadership formation are at the forefront of our efforts. By involving students in every aspect of liturgical ministry, we have created an opportunity for them to understand and shape the liturgies of the Church. All university liturgies, from the daily masses to the Commencement Mass, are student coordinated, under the direction of the Liturgy and Music staff. It is our wish that these experiences will contribute to the formation of our students as lay leaders in their home parishes, and in the larger Church.

Thank you for your assistance to Campus Ministry at LMU!


Rev. Marc Reeves, SJ Director of Campus Ministry at LMU