Campus Ministry's Protestant and Multifaith Outreach was created to serve students, faculty and staff of all Christian traditions, ethnic and cultural backgrounds. We seek to grow closer to God through prayer, bible study, fellowship and worship services. In accordance with the university's mission of encouraging learning, educating the whole person, and the service of faith and the promotion of justice, we strive to meet the spiritual needs of the LMU community and further develop our faith in Jesus Christ.

Religious Groups on Campus

The Well

"The Well" is a non-denominational Christian community where a diverse group of LMU students gather to respond to the love of God and strengthen their faith together.

Join us Wednesdays for our weekly praise and worship nights from 7:30-8:30pm in The Cave (basement of Sacred Heart Chapel).

Open to all LMU students, all are welcome. If you have any questions or would like any information, feel free to contact Josh Mayfield, Campus Minister for Faith and Justice,  at or 310.338.3005.



"Free" is a discussion-based bible study where students integrate contextual scripture analysis and personal storytelling with reflection on contemporary issues.

Open to all LMU students. Please contact the Campus Ministry Office in Malone 210 or at (310)-338-2860.

Weekly Bible Study

Women's and Men's Group is a Christian bible study and small group that meets weekly.

All are welcome! Please contact the Campus Ministry Office in Malone 210 or at (310)-338-2860 for location and time.

Interfaith Outreach

The LMU Interfaith Outreach welcomes students, faculty, and staff of all religious backgrounds and spiritual beliefs. Our goal is to create a vibrant community of individuals desiring to grow in their faith journeys and learn from the diverse faith experiences of others. We strive to meet the spiritual needs of the LMU Community by promoting inter-religious understanding.

The Interfaith Council facilitates cooperation and understanding amongst LMU students of diverse religious and spiritual backgrounds. It seeks to ensure that all voices are heard in interreligious dialogue, offering support for faith and justice movements on campus and beyond. It promotes peace, respect, and appreciation for service.


  • Jewish Student Life
  • Muslim Student Life
  • Department of Theological Studies.

Please contact John Flaherty (, Associate Director of Campus Ministry with questions.

Off-Campus Worship Sites

The Well

In addition to their involvement in Campus ministry programs, many students are also active in faith communities off-campus.

If you would like assistance in your search for an off-campus worship community, or in forming or joining a carpool, please contact the Campus Ministry Office in Malone 210 or at (310)-338-2860.