Praying with the Scriptures

During the experience of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, the retreatant is invited to meditate and contemplate using the sacred scriptures. Praying with the scriptures after the Exercises is a helpful prayer practice in living Ignatian Spirituality. Below are some suggestions.

Choose one of the four Gospels that you would like to focus on over a period of weeks or months. Use one of the Gospel stories during a prayer period.

Choose one of the Psalms.

Jesuit Prayer is a fine contemporary online resource for daily prayer. 

Use one of the scripture handouts that may have been given to you during the Exercises or use a "special" Scripture reference from your retreat journal.

Living with Christ, a 4 ¼ X 5" monthly booklet, is very handy and has all the Scripture readings used for the daily Masses with some small bits of commentary.

Sacred Space is one of the best online aids for praying with Scripture.