About The Center for Ignatian Spirituality

The Center for Ignatian Spirituality serves LMU faculty and staff.

The Center provides information for people seeking to know more about Ignatian spirituality, and especially to help them apply the insights of St Ignatius of Loyola about discernment to their personal and professional lives.

Ignatian spirituality is practical and aims at helping people grow in inner freedom.

While it is rooted in the Catholic experience, it is also remarkably flexible and adaptable.

People, of all creeds and convictions, have discovered in tI ways of thinking and feeling, seeing and acting, which have led to deeper insight about the ways in which the sacred is present and active their lives and work.

The Center provides relatable experiences of Ignatian spirituality that enable LMU employees, offices, departments or division to better integrate questions of faith, spirituality and deep human questions into their work and to appreciate more fully how their role furthers the University’s mission.