Faculty Programs

As a faculty member, you are invited and encouraged to participate in Mission and Ministry’s programs, events, and enrichment opportunities. Some of our offerings that are particularly well-suited to faculty members are listed below. They are roughly grouped under the categories of Formation in the Ignatian Tradition, Spiritual DevelopmentService of Faith and Promotion of Justice, and Pedagogy and Scholarship, though most programs contain elements of multiple categories. For more information about any of these programs or to learn more about mission engagement for faculty, please contact Katherine Brown, Director of Mission and Identity Programs, at katherine.brown@lmu.edu.


Formation in the Ignatian Tradition

Members of Cohort 11 of the Ignatian Colleagues Program on their international immersion in Peru

AJCU Leadership Institute

A year-long professional development program rooted in Ignatian leadership, pedagogy and spirituality (formerly known as the Jesuit Leadership Seminar). The program features intimate virtual conversations with AJCU leaders and an in-person summer institute. Through Summer Institute, participants to build a network of peers in leadership positions across the 28 AJCU schools and develop Ignatian leadership skills. The program is aimed at senior administrators and faculty who are either new to Jesuit higher education or have recently assumed new leadership responsibilities. Visit the AJCU Leadership Institute page for more information about the Institute and how to participate.


Colloquy on Faith and the Intellectual Life

Week-long summer seminar sponsored by Collegium, a national consortium of Catholic colleges and universities. This gathering is particularly useful for faculty who are new to Catholic and/or Jesuit education. For more information, For more information, visit www.collegium.org or contact Katherine Brown, Director of Mission and Identity Programs, at Katherine.Brown@lmu.edu


Companions in Mission

Annual year-long, on-campus program for faculty and staff to learn about the history of LMU and Ignatian education, engage in communal reflection and service, and explore the significance of the university’s mission and heritage as a Catholic, Jesuit, Marymount institution. This program is open to all faculty and staff, at any point in their employment at LMU, and engages topics ranging from Ignatian spirituality to solidarity and social justice. Visit the Companions in Mission page for more information and application materials.


Ignatian Colleagues Program

An 18-month program sponsored by the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities for senior administrators and faculty leaders. It involves online workshops on Catholic, Jesuit identity and Ignatian themes, an immersion trip, and a six-day experience of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. More information and application materials are available at the Ignatian Colleagues Program page.


Teacher-Scholars for Mission

Annual program in which new faculty members (in the first 1-2 years of service at LMU) are paired with more seasoned faculty for conversation and discussion of mission and vocation as teacher-scholars at LMU. Mentors and mentees meet several times during the course of the year and all materials are provided by the Center for Mission and Identity. To receive further information about participating as a mentee or mentor, fill out this interest form.


Spiritual Development

Two people sitting overlooking a view of Los Angeles
Retreatants at the annual Weekend Ignatian Retreat in Palos Verdes, CA

Advent and Lenten luncheons

Peaceful, communal experiences of music, reflection and prayer in the seasons preparing for Christmas and Easter. For more details, visit the Center for Ignatian Spirituality.


Chaplain Services and Pastoral Care

Our University Chaplains offers many forms of pastoral care and accompaniment to faculty and staff of any faith tradition. For employees based on the Westchester and Playa Vista campuses, please contact Fr. Randy Roche, SJ at rroche@lmu.edu. For members of the LMU Loyola Law School, contact Fr. Wayne Negrete, SJ at wayne.negrete@lmu.edu


Ignatian Spiritual Exercises and Retreats

A variety of opportunities to engage with the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola, from directed retreats to reflection/meditation programs shared with small groups or prayer partners. Program durations range from one week to year-long. Examples include:

  • Challenge/Desafío, a 36-week daily reflection program by Mark Link, SJ, based upon the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola. Participants commit 10 minutes daily to do the assigned reflection exercise and to journal their thoughts, as well as to periodically sharing their experience of the prayer with a prayer partner or a small group of other participants. 
  • Meeting Christ in Prayer, an 8-week daily meditation and reflection program based upon the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola. Participants commit 20 minutes to the daily scripture meditation and reflection, to journal their reflection, and to share their experience of prayer with a small group of other participants in a weekly gathering.

For more information, visit the Center for Ignatian Spirituality.


Liturgical ministries

Serve at campus liturgies as a lector, extraordinary minister of Holy Communion, or music minister. Visit the Campus Ministry website for more details.


Weekend Ignatian Retreat for Faculty and Staff

Annual weekend spring retreat focused on personal time for reflection, with supporting presentations on Ignatian perspectives and shared insights from participants. There is no cost to current LMU employees. To sign up, visit the Center for Ignatian Spirituality.



Service of Faith and Promotion of Justice

Participants on the 2022 Faculty-Staff Immersion in Longo Mai, Costa Rica

De Colores

Monthly faith-based service-immersion weekends to Tijuana, Mexico with students, grounded in the values of accompaniment, solidarity and community. For more information, visit the De Colores website or contact Susan Kadota, Campus Minister for Global/Local Faith Based Service, at Susan.Kadota@lmu.edu.


Faculty/Staff Immersion

Annual weeklong international immersion trip, with particular focus on the needs of the poor and gaining a greater awareness of the global dimension of Jesuit higher education and opportunities for global solidarity. For more information and to apply for upcoming immersions, visit the Faculty/Staff Immersion page or contact Katherine Brown, Director of Mission and Identity Programs, at Katherine.Brown@lmu.edu


Feed the Hungry

Weekly opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to assemble lunches on campus and deliver them to our neighbors experiencing homelessness in Santa Monica. For more information, visit the Feed the Hungry website or contact Susan Kadota, Campus Minister for Global/Local Faith Based Service, at Susan.Kadota@lmu.edu.


Ignacio Companions Trips 

International immersion trips with students focused on three core values: community, solidarity, and faith and justice. For more information, visit the Ignacio Companions website or contact Josh Mayfield, Campus Minister for Faith and Justice, at joshua.mayfield@lmu.edu



Pedagogy and Scholarship

Participants on the 2023 Faculty Writing Retreat in Simi Valley, CA

ACTI Fellowships

The Academy of Catholic Thought and Imagination sponsors several fellowships each year which provide faculty with opportunities to complete a substantial research/creative project or to concentrate effort at a critical phase of a research/creative project that is consistent with the mission of the Academy of Catholic Thought and Imagination. Such projects may take diverse forms: developing, critically engaging, expanding, adding to, questioning, or explaining aspects of the Catholic intellectual tradition or its various concerns; entering into dialogue with Catholic thought or imagination from the perspective of a different faith tradition or no faith tradition; using the resources of the Catholic tradition to understand and respond to pressing contemporary issues; developing a creative work in dialogue with the imaginative and intellectual framework of the Catholic tradition, and so on. For more information and to apply, visit the ACTI website or contact acti@lmu.edu


Center for Teaching Excellence Workshops

Mission and Ministry partners with the Center for Teaching Excellence to provide workshops on a variety of topics, including Ignatian pedagogy, Catholic Social Teaching, and mission-driven scholarship and teaching. CTE Faculty Fellows may also apply to collaborate with Mission and Ministry and support the work that intersects with teaching and learning. For more information about CTE programming, visit the CTE website or contact Karie Huchting, Director, at Karen.Huchting@lmu.edu.


Faculty Committee on Mission and Identity

This university faculty committee nurtures LMU’s identity as a Catholic University in the Jesuit and Marymount traditions, encourages substantive conversation among faculty about the impact of religious faith on contemporary intellectual culture and academic disciplines, and promotes faculty participation in activities related to mission and identity. For more information, contact Cathleen McGrath, Chair, at Cathleen.McGrath@lmu.edu or access the Committee Membership Directory.


Faculty Development Grants

LMU offers several internal grants to support mission-driven research and teaching. Grants currently available to LMU faculty include Faith and Justice Research Grants, Faith and Justice Curriculum Development Grants, and Interfaith Forum Course Development Grants. For more information, visit the Office of Faculty Affairs website.


Faculty Writing Retreat

Annual multi-day, off-site retreat for faculty to work on research/creative projects in a peaceful setting. The retreat includes discussion of Ignatian and mission values as they inform work as teacher-scholars and opportunities to build relationships with colleagues across disciplines. For more information or to join the interest list, visit the Writing Retreat page.



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