Companions in Mission

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A program for faculty and staff to learn more about who we are: our history, mission, and identity


WHO? All full time faculty and staff, whether new to LMU or long-serving

WHAT? A year-long program that helps participants grow in their understanding of LMU's mission and identity as it relates to their own experiences and roles

WHY? You want to learn more about our university's history, values, and mission, and build relationships and community with colleagues across campus along the way!


Companions in Mission members explore Alma Backyard Farms
Companions in Mission explore Alma Backyard Farms in Compton, CA


Companions in Mission is a year-long program that accompanies a group of faculty and staff in a journey to become (1) well grounded in the Ignatian heritage shared by the Jesuits, the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary, and the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange and (2) capable of understanding and adapting its implementation in the everyday life of the University in their own specific roles.‌ 

Sponsored by the Center for Mission and Identity, Companions in Mission accompanies one cohort each academic year. Cohort members gather throughout the fall and spring semesters to learn about the history of LMU and Ignatian education, engage in communal reflection and local immersion opportunities, and explore what the university's mission means to and for them. All programming is designed to help participants grow in their understanding of LMU’s identity and deepen their commitment to its mission as a Catholic and Jesuit, Ignatian, Marymount university.‌‌ 

Now in its eleventh year, over 140 faculty and staff members have completed Companions in Mission since its launch in 2012.



Companions in Mission luncheon in spring 2022


A typical year in Companions in Mission includes:*

  • an on-campus retreat (weekend half-day) in September facilitated in partnership with the Center for Ignatian Spirituality
  • six luncheon presentations, roughly once a month, over the fall and spring semesters on various aspects of LMU's history and mission, Ignatian spirituality, and Ignatian pedagogy
  • an off-campus weekend retreat in February 
  • a weekend service-learning immersion in the spring (one-day, LA-based)

All meals, materials, and participation costs are fully sponsored by the Office of Mission and Ministry. There is no cost to participants.


*Local and university health and safety guidelines may impact programming content and format for all elements of the program. Programming will be constantly evaluated and, if necessary, adapted for greatest accessibility while preserving health and safety of participants.



Two people sitting overlooking a view of Los Angeles
On the Faculty/Staff Retreat in Palos Verdes, CA


Companions in Mission may serve as a follow-up experience for those who have made the Busy Persons Retreat or participated in Mission 101, the Faculty/Staff Immersion, AJCU development programs, or other mission-oriented programs. But we also encourage those who have not yet had an opportunity to take part in other mission and identity programs to apply for Companions in Mission. All are welcome to participate, whether you are new to LMU or have worked here for decades, and whatever your area or role at the university. Whoever you are, our mission belongs to you.


A letter for staff to share with their supervisors is available for download here: 

Companions in Mission Letter for Supervisors AY22


QUESTIONS? Contact Kat Brown, Director of Mission and Identity Programs, at






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Applications open through August 26, 2022


Companions in Mission Alumni

  • Bernadette Crawford

    Maxellende Ezin

    Mark Houlemarde

    Rosemary Kim

    Jenny Manriquez

    Monique Mansour

    Gianna McMillan

    Stephanie Mejia

    Christopher Murillo

    Laura Poladian

    Karen Rapp

    Justine Saquilayan

    Daphnie Sicre


  • Alejandra Alarcon

    Hawley Almstedt

    Nataly Blas

    Chelsea Brown

    Stacey Cabaj

    Deanna Cooke

    Gabriela De Anda

    Leticia Duenas

    Rebecca Hong

    Linh Hua

    Layla Karst

    Yu Li

    Darnise Martin

    Jin Mims

    Grace Paz

    Alyssa Perez

    Carissa Phillips-Garrett

    Emilou Reyes

    Diane Sant

    Yvonne Wehrmann

    Sarah Yoshikawa

  • Freddie Armijo

    Rosa Calderon

    Eva Cruz-Aedo

    Artemio Diaz

    Kierstin LaSalle

    Lisa Mitchell

    Giannina Nurena

    Christine Palau

    John Paul Ramirez

    Katie Styles

  • Sharon Elenbaas

    Sara Espinoza

    Jessica Frazier

    Amie Gonzalez

    Nirinjan Khalsa-Baker

    Alice Martini Doyle

    Mugdha Yeolekar

    Sharmila Narayan

    Laura Rodi

    Csilla Samay

    Jose Santiago

    Allison Noyes

  • Nadya Balabanova

    Arnab Banerji

    Ann Cortez

    Ruby Cruz

    Denise Folga

    John Jackson

    Katie Jones

    Lisha Maddox

    Amiya Powell-Hodge

    Desirae Zingarelli-Sweet

  • Gary Bolton

    Kristine Bunikiewicz

    Debbie Cavanagh

    Eileen De Alva-Gonzalez

    Rick Elmasian

    Jamie Hazlitt

    Joshua Hege

    Kelly Nelson

    Kat Saturne

    John Skidmore

    Adam Stafford

    Margo Thole

    Louisa Vakili

    Rachel Wen-Paloutzian

  • Samii Hartman

    Maureen Herbert

    Chris Hill

    Maryann Krikorian

    Shawn Lamb

    Tiffany Markarian

    Christine Parra

    Fred Puza

    Sandra Seisdedos

    Kyle Studebaker

    Shannon Taylor

    Kerry Toolan

    Leon Weibers

  • Alicia Amador

    Nicole Bouvier-Brown

    Seranda Bray

    Christine Chavez

    Chris de Silva

    Maruth Figueroa

    Tom Gutto

    Briana Maturi

    Susie McDaniel

    William McKinney

    Judy Park

    Shannon Pascual

    Gustavo Vejarano

  • Lydia Ammossow

    Stephanie August

    Matthew Bazar

    Jill Bickett

    Rob Burchfield

    Maria Cano

    Renee Florsheim

    Alice Gandara

    Lorianne Harrison-Reyes

    Matthew Jauregui

    Chake Kouyoumjian

    Sandra Luca

    Kevin Wetmore