Faculty Writing Retreat

The Center for Mission and Identity is delighted to host its third annual Faculty Writing Retreat. Over five days and four nights, participants are invited to set aside the demands and distractions of their campus and home routines, and to take time in a peaceful environment to benefit their work as teacher-scholars at LMU. The majority of retreat time will be unstructured for participants to use however they feel appropriate, though brief presentations will be offered related to Ignatian education and mission as an LMU teacher-scholar.

2024 Faculty Writing Retreat

February 26 - March 1, 2024

AJU Brandeis-Cardin Campus, Simi Valley

Participants will....

  • Be supported in their scholarly work and publications

  • Take time for rest, renewal, and respite from their everyday obligations on and off campus

  • Form and strengthen relationships with colleagues across the university


What is included? 

  • Single accommodation with private bath
  • All meals and refreshments
  • Daily presentations on Ignatian education and mission as LMU teacher-scholars
  • Ample unstructured time for you to use in whatever way would benefit you and your work
  • Supplementary materials and resources for Ignatian education

You bring: materials to write, research, reflect, or whatever you need to use your time productively!

How do I sign up?

Each college and school has sponsored a designated number of spaces available for its faculty members. Please contact your Dean's Office to indicate your interest and to receive further instructions about applying to participate. 

A limited number of spaces are available for sponsorship directly by the Center for Mission and Identity. If you would like to join the interest list to be considered for a CMI sponsorship, please fill out the application form linked below.

Questions about the retreat or how to sign up? Email Kat Brown, Director of Mission and Identity Programs.



  • All full-time LMU and LLS faculty are eligible to participate, regardless of discipline, rank, or length of service. Individual colleges and schools may identify additional criteria for faculty sponsorship.

  • There is no cost to participants. However, each participant must be sponsored by either their own school or college or by the Center for Mission and Identity. 

    If you are interested in attending the retreat, please contact your Dean's Office for information about sponsored spaces and the process for applying. You may also indicate your interest in being considered for one of CMI's limited sponsorships by filling out the application form linked above.



  • The retreat runs from Monday afternoon to Friday midday. Lodging includes single accommodations with private bath in a peaceful setting. Bedding and linens, all meals, and wi-fi are all provided free of charge. (Please note that printing is not available on-site.) Participants are welcome to bring additional items to make their stay comfortable and productive.

    The majority of the retreat program is unstructured for participants to use in whatever way will be most useful for them. Each morning and evening, optional sessions will be offered on various topics related to LMU's mission, Ignatian identity, and vocation as a teacher-scholar at a Jesuit, Marymount institution.

    An informational meeting will take place via Zoom before the retreat, and a suggested packing list will be provided.

  • The Center for Mission and Identity recognizes that each participant's needs are unique. We intend the retreat to contribute to your scholarly research and writing, but that will look different for each individual. Some may benefit from long blocks of uninterrupted time to write without distraction. Others may wish to rest, read, or stroll freely, allowing ideas to develop in an unhurried atmosphere. Others may find it helpful to connect with colleagues to discuss projects and get feedback. This retreat is designed to facilitate any or all of these options for participants. It's up to you to decide what will be most helpful!

  • Here are a few testimonials from previous participants:


    • “Having a space to think and write without having to worry about meals and family obligations was absolutely invaluable.”

    • “I felt such an appreciation for my LMU colleagues and it made me feel much more integrated into the university.... I felt reconnected and rejuvenated.”

    • "Being able to use the unstructured time to focus on writing in a peaceful setting without all the usual interruptions made a huge difference. I finished in 2.5 days what would have taken weeks to finish without this protected time. Also, as a bonus, it was great to talk with other faculty and feel like part of the LMU community."

    • “I loved the conversations about LMU's mission and the connection to the Jesuit approach to teaching, learning, and engaging with the whole person.”

    • “I’d all but forgotten what a joy it is to write in a relaxed manner since that almost never happens!”

    • “It was fantastic. I wish I could attend every year.”