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Interfaith Engagement at LMU

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The third pillar of LMU's mission statement is "the service of faith and promotion of justice."

As a Catholic, Ignatian, Jesuit, and Marymount institution, we take seriously both parts of this phrase. The "service of faith" encompasses all those ways in which the University engages its Catholic intellectual, cultural, and religious heritage. This pillar also honors the reality of religious pluralism on our campus and embraces ecumenical and interfaith dialogue in formal and informal contexts. The desired outcome of such encounters moves us beyond tolerance to mutual respect and understanding, deepens appreciation of one's own faith, and creates opportunities for engaging others who share a longing for meaningful lives.

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Interfaith Holiday Calendar

To assist in scheduling events and programs, view current and future years' calendars of holidays for diverse faith communities and traditions.



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Sacred Spaces

The LMU campuses offer numerous spaces for peace, prayer, and reflection open to all community members. Learn about the sacred spaces on our campuses and where to find them.


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Campus Resources

LMU offers a wide variety of spiritual resources, programs, and spaces for community members of diverse faiths. If you have questions about these offerings or believe a resource is missing, please contact us at

Campus Ministry

Dedicated to promoting the spiritual growth and faith formation of all LMU students and providing a place "to Believe, to Belong, and to Become."



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Jewish Student Life

Building and strengthening the LMU Jewish community by providing opportunities for connection, collaboration and growth through religious, cultural, intellectual and social justice programming. 


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Muslim Student Life

Promoting the faith formation of the Muslim students on campus through Islamic pastoral support, hosting programs that promote spiritual growth, personal development, diversity, leadership, interfaith understanding, and community involvement. 


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Non-denominational Christian and Protestant Outreach

Serving students, faculty, and staff of all Christian traditions, ethnic and cultural backgrounds and seeking to grow closer to God through prayer, bible study, fellowship, and worship services. 


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Interfaith Council

Welcoming students, faculty, and staff of all religious backgrounds and spiritual beliefs with the goal of creating a vibrant community of individuals desiring to grow in their faith journeys and learn from the diverse faith experiences of others.


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Zen Meditation Group

Weekly meditation in the Zen tradition, for new or experienced practitioners. Open to all students, faculty, and staff.


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Programs, Centers, and Explorations

Given annually to honor individuals or organizations dedicated to fostering understanding between cultures, peoples and disciplines.
Bringing together readers who share an interest in Jewish literature, history, and cultures. Free and open to faculty, staff, students, and community members.
Offering yoga students and teachers opportunities to enhance their knowledge of yogic art and practice with public courses, certificate programs and continuing education.
Promoting Christian unity and encouraging greater communication in the search for reconciliation between the Catholic and Orthodox communities, and beyond.
Promoting the values of non-violence, non-possession, religious tolerance, and charity for the benefit of LMU's students and the world.
An academic interdisciplinary minor program designed to study and explore Jewish history, culture, faith and practice.
Promoting understanding between religious and ethnic communities in Southern California, and providing research and educational opportunities in intergroup relations.
An interdisciplinary center of learning dedicated to continuing education for the general public, offering programs in English, Spanish, and more.