Anthony Daniel

On May 21, 1601, Anthony Daniel was born in Dieppe, (Normandy) France. He was studying law when he became aware of his vocation, and he entered the Society of Jesus in October 1621. As a Jesuit scholastic, he taught in Rouen, and then studied theology at the College du Clermont in Paris. Anthony was ordained in 1631, and sent to teach humanities in the city of Eu, in Normandy. There he met John de Brebeuf who had been exiled from New France.

In 1632 Fathers Daniel and Ambrose Davost were sent to Cape Breton Island. Three years later Daniel began mission work in Huronia. He was very good with children and was named director of the school that the Jesuits opened in Quebec. Unfortunately they had to close the school after only two years, and in 1638, Father Daniel was back in Huronia.

One year later, Father Daniel was ordered to open a new mission in Caliagué. Shortly after his arrival an epidemic of small pox broke out, and the local people accused Father Daniel of bringing the disease. However, the care he showed the afflicted quickly stemmed the rumors, and he remained in the village for eight years, during which about 140 residents converted to Christianity and the village flourished.

Father Daniel's next mission was Teanaustayé, where his labors were fruitful. In June 1648, he went to the Jesuit center in Saint-Marie for his annual retreat. Two days after his return, the mission was invaded by Iroquois. Father Daniel was killed on July 4, 1648, while trying to protect the villagers and the chapel was set on fire.

Anthony Daniel was beatified by Pope Pius XI on June 21, 1925 and canonized by the same Pope on June 29, 1930.