A dialogue among the traditions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam



Thursday, October 20, 2016

7:00 p.m.

Ahmanson Auditorium, University Hall 1000

Loyola Marymount University

1 LMU Drive

Los Angeles, CA 90045



Three scholars – Rabbi Reuven Firestone, Dr. Pim Valkenberg, and Dr. Amir Hussain – will spend the Fall 2016 semester at the University of Southern California engaging students, artists, colleagues, writers, politicians and the larger community in a lively, thoughtful and thought-provoking series of conversations and presentations on the subjects of “Race, Faith, and Violence” in the world today. The “Race, Faith, and Violence” program is a collaborative effort between the Institute for Advanced Catholic Studies at USC and the USC Caruso Catholic Center, and is reflective of the mission of both organizations to enriching and extending the great Catholic intellectual tradition into the 21st century and beyond. For more information about this program and the scholars involved, visit the "Race, Faith, and Violence" website.

Please join the Academy of Catholic Thought and Imagination in welcoming Rabbi Firestone, Dr. Valkenberg, and Dr. Hussain to Loyola Marymount University for an evening dialogue exploring three religious traditions' understandings of mercy.   Reception and conversation to follow.




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