a picture of The Sacred Heart Chapel illuminated with media from Anima Mundi: an ACTI Live Event

Academy of Catholic Thought and Imagination

The Academy of Catholic Thought and Imagination at Loyola Marymount University is a community of scholars who work in dialogue with the Catholic intellectual tradition by developing, critically examining, communicating, or otherwise engaging the rich resources of Catholic thought and imagination, especially as it is informed by Jesuit and Ignatian vision. The Academy serves as a hub for scholarship, interdisciplinary research, innovative pedagogy, and creative outreach across LMU’s campus in the southwest United States and beyond.

ACTI in the LMU Community

Anima Mundi: The Soul of the World 
A live performance over three nights in early December 2023. 

The show included a recorded soundtrack, a live choir, and 

an animated film. This collaborative artistic experience utilized 

2D animation, 3D printing, and high-definition video mapping 

projection. José García Moreno wrote, designed, and directed 

the film. Timothy Law Snyder composed music for the project, 

and John Flaherty arranged and directed the music. 

Is a podcast series telling stories with sound about
prominent faculty, staff, and students at LMU.
This show opens doors to understanding diverse faiths,
races, and ideologies. We seek those who are overlooked
or considered less traditional. The aim of our show is to
cherish our history and simultaneously share vibrant
experiences within our campus-wide community and beyond.


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