Message from the Director

The future is interdisciplinary.

As a community, we are asked to embrace and promote a new surge of creativity in the sciences and the arts, so that this surge may extend into all areas of human activity.

Not only the sciences and the arts are sacramental but also, they share a common creative process.

Everything is in a constant process of evolution and change.

The developments that are made in one area may sometimes have serious consequences for the foundations of theories and concepts in other areas.

Each problem produces an energy that seeks to be solved with a new idea. But rather than looking for something truly fundamental, we often attempt to modify a problem without disturbing the underlying infrastructure.

ACTI looks to promote unforeseen collaborations and unexpected ideas in new common grounds, like in a vibrant Academy of the Core.

Such is our challenge in times of major distress but also of great opportunity.


José García Moreno