29. St. Joseph, University of San Francisco

St. Joseph
University of San Francisco, 1855

San Francisco, California

St. Joseph is the husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, who was conceived in her by the Holy Spirit.

In the window, St. Joseph is depicted in simple vesture. In his right hand he carries a staff which terminates in a lily, the emblem of purity of body and spirit. In his left hand is a carpenter's square, an instrument emblematic of his work as provider for the little family at Nazareth. Beneath the Saint’s feet is a representation of the Vatican Basilica, the Church of St. Peter in Rome. Because of his love and protection for Christ and Our Lady, St. Joseph has been designated "patron of the Universal Church." Many people, including those responsible for the founding and maintaining of Loyola Marymount University trust St. Joseph to keep safe from harm all the facilities of the University and those who work or live in them.

The left side of the seal of the University of San Francisco contains the arms of the house of Oñaz, Ignatius’ mother: seven stripes. On the right side, under the letters, USF, the arms of Loyola are presented: the wolves and pot. The inscription reads: “University of San Francisco, San Francisco;” the date of foundation is 1855. The school colors are green and gold.

Joseph - University of San Francisco