Hidden Hero Awards

Sunday, October 29, 2023
2 p.m. Online

Each year the CSJ Center recognizes LMU faculty, staff, students, alumni and community partners through an award named "Hidden Heroes." The individuals and groups who are nominated unassumingly exemplify justice and reconciliation in their lives and their work.

Join us on Sunday, October 29 to honor Gary Craig (LMU Loyola Law School), Jamal Epperson (LMU Office for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion), Diane Gasper (LMU School of Education), Schoene Mahmood (LMU Center for Urban Resilience), Maria Elena Perales (St. Joseph Justice Center), with a memorial tribute to Nestor Pereira (LMU College of Communication & Fine Arts).

Each awardee will be honored through the telling of their story in a dramatic narrative with formal awards presented at the conclusion of the performance.

The Recipients for the 2023 Spring Hidden Heroes Recognition are:

Hania Ahmar, Co-founder of Ahmar Family Foundation, Vice President and Co-founder of Ahmar Investments, Inc.

Lisa Jackson, Director of Special Events, University Advancement, LMU

Amir Hussain, Chair and Professor of Theological Studies, LMU

Bradley Smith, Director of Student Addiction, Recovery and Prevention, Student Affairs, LMU

Jesus (Paco) Estrada, Class of 2024, LMU


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The Recipients for the 2022 Hidden Heroes Recognition are:

Bryant K. Alexander, Dean, College of Communication and Fine Arts, LMU

Joanna Carroll, CSJ, Campus Minister Emerita, Spiritual Director, Chaplain Emerita for Marians Service Organization, LMU

Cristina Cuellar, Executive Director, Operation Progress

Erika Cuellar, Co-founder, Alma Backyard Farms

Luis De La O, Custodian, Facilities Management, LMU


Click here for the Hidden Heroes 2022 program.

Click here for the live production and award recognition. 

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The Recipients for the 2021 Hidden Heroes Recognition are:

Antonio Felix, Director of PLACE CORPS and CAST School of Education, LMU

Abigail Magallanes, Leimert Park Community Fridge Organizer, LMU Class of '21

Elena Meloni, Founder and Executive Director, New Star Family Justice Center

Alicia Partnoy, Author and Professor

Emeritus, Modern Languages and Literatures, Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts, LMU

Linda Whitfield, Senior Assistant Dean for Student Services, Loyola Law School


Click here for the Hidden Heroes 2021 program.

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The Recipients for the 2020 Hidden Heroes Recognition are:

Efren Chavez, LMU Recycling Team Member

Dr. Darin Earley, Director of LMU Family of Schools and LMU School of Education

John Flaherty, Associate Director of Campus Ministry, Director of Liturgy and Music

Christine Mary Nangle-Koehl, Associate Director of Campus Ministry

Judy Vaughan, CSJ, Founding Director of Alexandria House


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From top right to left: MaryAnne Huepper, CSJ (Award Presenter), Stefani Mejia (Presentation Co-producer), Darin Earley and Spouse (Awardee), Efren Chavez and Family (awardee), John Flaherty and Spouse (Awardee), Judy Vaughan, CSJ (Awardee), Christine Mary Nangle-Koehl and Family (Awardee), Judith Royer, CSJ (Director), Doris Baizley (Script Editor and Writer), Bonnie Banfield (Writer/Actor), Leon Martell (Writer/Actor), Elizabeth Ruscio (Writer/Actor), Lily Rains (Actor), Luis Selgas (Writer), Eva Peterson (Presentation Co-producer), Bryant Keith Alexander (Actor).  


The Recipients for the 2019 Hidden Heroes Recognition are:

Stacy Barnes, Director of Development, School of Film and Television

Teresa Groth, DMJ, Executive Director, The Francisco Homes 

Anna Harrison, Associate Professor, Theological Studies        

The North Family - Chris North '85, Julianne North '88 and Katie North '17

Mimi Hoang, Staff Psychologist, Student Psychological Services 


Click here for video of performance and award presentation. 

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The Recipients for the 2018 Hidden Heroes Recognition are:

Cindy Archer, Associate Dean for Clinical Programs and Experiential Learning and Clinical Professor of Law, Loyola Law School

Enrique Ramirez, Custodian, Facilities Management  

Brooke Duplantier, English and Political Science Major, Class of '19, Sursum Corda      

Elias Wondimu, Publisher and Editorial Director, Marymount Institute

Arturo Jordan-Gonzalez, LMU Alum, Principal, Our Lady of Victory Elementary School 


 Click here for the 2018 Hidden Heroes program. 

 Hidden Heroes 2018

 (Left to right: Arturo Jordan-Gonzalez, Brooke Duplantier, Cindy Archer, Enrique Ramirez, Elias Wondimu and MaryAnne Huepper, CSJ)


The Recipients for the 2017 Hidden Heroes Recognition are:

Norma Boyles, Lecturer, Theatre Arts

Jonathan Rothchild, Associate Professor, Theological Studies 

Uakea Jose, Psychology and Communications Major, Class of '18, Creare       

Henry Ward, Director of Intercultural Advancement, Ethnic and Intercultural Affairs

Tom King, Assistant Director of Student Engagement, Center for Service and Action



The Recipients of the 2016 Hidden Heroes Recognition are:

Raymundo Andrade, Programming Librarian
Jamie Hazlitt, Librarian for Collection Development

Brad Stone, Professor of Philosophy
Chair of African American Studies

LaRon Armstead, LMU Alum, BA '12, Sociology, MFA in Guidance and Counseling, School of Education '16          

Tori DiGeronimo (Class of '17), Daniela Corona (Class of '16) and Savannah Lewison (Class of '16)

Luis Arriaga, S.J.
Loyola Law School Chaplin, Jesuit Legal Fellow

Geraldine O'Connell
Retired, Senior Administrative Assistant, CFA Office of the Dean


The Recipients of the 2015 Hidden Heroes Recognition are:

Krista Chinchilla, Class of 2016

Psychology and Theology, Sursum Corda

Artemio Luis-Lopez

Custodian, Facilities Management

Gabriela DematteisLMU Alum

Jesuit Volunteer Corp 2013-14, Freelance Producer          

Pam Rector

Founding Director
Center for Service and Action

Vlasta Lebo

Executive Assistant to the Dean
Loyola Law School

Ernie Rose

Professor, School of Education
Director, Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership

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The Recipients of the 2014 Hidden Heroes Recognition are:

Brooke Robie
LMU Alumni and Jesuit Volunteer
in Scranton, Pennsylvania  

Nora Goss-Romero
Student Affairs Associate
Office of SVP Student Affairs

Carlos Rodriguez
LMU Alumni
Activist, Writer and Graduate Student             

Jose Saez
Associate Professor
Seaver College of Science and Engineering

Cesare Romano
Professor of Law     
Loyola Law School of Los Angeles




(Left to right: Jose Saez, Brooke Robie, Nora Goss-Romero and Carlos Rodriguez)


The Recipients of the 2013 Hidden Heroes Recognition are:

Daniela Corona

Founder of Espere (LMU service organization)

Mary McCullough 

Associate Dean, School of Education

Holli Levitsky

Director, Jewish Studies Program
Associate Professor, English           

Scott Wood

Director, Center for Restorative Justice
Loyola Law School

Elmo Johnson

Events Specialist     
Event and Classroom Management

 Seth Weiner

Co-Director, Center for Restorative Justice
Loyola Law School

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Revelations of the Heart (November 2012):

LMU Leaders in Service, Action, and Community Healing

Franky Carrillo
Social Justice Advocate, LMU Student

Cecilia Gonzalez-Andrieu, PhD
Theological Studies, Work with the Undocumented

Lorena Chavez
Community Engagement, Student Affairs, Service and Action          

Debrah B. Linesh, PhD
Marital and Family Therapy

Antonia Darder, PhD
Educational Leadership, Artist, Poet, Activist

 Herbert A. Medina, PhD

Mathematics, International and Domestic, Service and Academic Enrichment Programs for Students

Jodi Finkel, PhD

Political Science, Human Trafficking Advocate

 Marty D. Roers

Social Justice Mentor and Activist