Racial Justice and Anti-Racism

As a community and individuals dedicated to the service of faith and promotion of justice, Loyola Marymount University decries all forms of racial injustice, oppression, and violence and calls on every person to work for peace, reconciliation, and justice. The values and commitments that arise from our Catholic identity and the traditions of the Society of Jesus, the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary, and the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange unequivocally affirm the inalienable dignity of every human person and the responsibility of all to create conditions that uphold peace, justice, and human flourishing.

Below are resources for education, reflection, and action from the perspective of faith as we work together to actively combat racism and foster a more just and equitable world. You may also wish to visit the LMU Office of DEI'ss resource collection, Anti-Racism and Inclusion Resources.