Sisters Near You

Sisters Currently Affiliated with LMU

  • Sr. Rita Arthur, R.S.H.M., trustee
  • Sr. Mary Genino, R.S.H.M., trustee and provincial superior
  • Sr. Frances Gussenhoven, R.S.H.M., spiritual director and professor emerita of english
  • Sr. Clare Melody, R.S.H.M., volunteer in the theological studies department

Sisters Formerly at Marymount College & LMU

  • Sr. Teresita Fay, R.S.H.M., former professor of English
  • Sr. Ellen Marie Keane, R.S.H.M., former trustee
  • Sr. Colette McManus, R.S.H.M., former trustee
  • Sr. Catherine Minhoto, R.S.H.M., former campus minister
  • Sr. Gregory Naddy, R.S.H.M., retired dean of Marymount College
  • Sr. Yvonne Rushton, R.S.H.M., retired university bursar
  • Sr. Joan Treacy, R.S.H.M., former provost and trustee
  • Sr. Genevieve Underwood, R.S.H.M., professor emerita of art and art history

Sisters Recently Deceased

  • Sr. Helen Borkowski, R.S.H.M.
  • Sr. Charles Brophy, R.S.H.M.
  • Sr. Peg Dolan, R.S.H.M.
  • Sr. Perpetua Ledwidge, R.S.H.M.
  • Sr. Mary Milligan, R.S.H.M.
  • Sr. Michelle Murphy, R.S.H.M.
  • Sr. Sara Renehan, R.S.H.M.