Manresa Moments: Week of September 20



Friday, September 25: Taking a Moment to Breathe


One of the most basic spiritual exercises is simply breathing: being attentive to the air entering and leaving our lungs. Attention to breath is the first step for many forms of prayer and reflection—but it is also a helpful practice in itself, grounding us in the present moment and the gift of life itself. Patrick Saint-Jean, SJ, invites us to take one minute today simply to breathe.


Take a Moment to Breathe | One Minute for One Thing - from The Jesuit Post

Breathe Deeper

If you have more than one minute, consider the following exercise, adapted from Anthony de Mello, SJ:


  • Close your eyes and find a still, relaxed posture. Become aware of your body and its sensations.
  • Next, come to an awareness of your breath: not attempting to change it, but simply noticing your inhalations and exhalations. Stay with your breath for a few minutes.
  • Become aware of the presence of God's Spirit around you. As you breathe in, imagine that each inhalation draws the presence of the Spirit into you. 
  • While you breathe out, imagine you are breathing out all that causes distress, disquiet, or desolation. 
  • Stay with this awareness and pattern as long as you can, or until you are ready to end your practice.


- Adapted from Sadhana: A Way to God by Anthony de Mello, SJ.




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