Manresa Moment: Palm Sunday

Gospel Reflection

Fr. Marc Reeves, S.J., Associate Vice President for Mission and Ministry, delivers a reflection on the Gospel for Palm Sunday (5:00). The text of the reflection is available here.



More ideas for today


  • Read the Scripture readings for today. The text is available in English and Spanish


  • Consider reading the Passion narrative, today's Gospel reading, aloud -- by yourself or with members of your household assigned to different parts. Or, participate in a full Celebration of the Word in your home. A complete worship aid for the day's liturgy, including all readings and prayers, is available from Magnificat here.


  • Gather palms from your yard or neighborhood. If you can't find palm branches, any green and leaf-bearing branch will do. After your prayer or readings, place the branches on or in front of a household cross or crucifix. 



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