Manresa Moment: Good Friday, April 10

The solemn day of Good Friday is, every year, an occasion for prayer, fasting, reflection, and stillness. In our current time of uncertainty, anxiety, and loss, we look to the cross as a sign of Jesus's suffering and sacrifice, but also of fidelity, hope, and new life. 


I. Today's Gospel: The Passion of the Lord

As you read or listen to today's Gospel, notice when the cross is mentioned. Try to imagine yourself in the scenes, using all your senses. What do you see? What do you hear, smell, and feel?


Read the Passion narrative: Full Text


Listen to the Passion narrative: watch the video below of a live reading by LMU community members 

The Passion of the Lord according to John

II. Meditation: Adoration of the Holy Cross


During the Good Friday of the Lord's Passion liturgy, the community participates in the Adoration of the Holy Cross. In the liturgy, the cross is unveiled and the congregation venerates with bows, touches, or even kisses. You can enter into a similar veneration in your own home using any cross.

    1. Prepare a prayerful environment: Set up an altar or table on which to put a crucifix or cross. If you do not have a wall or table cross, you can draw or paint one on paper; simple and plain is just fine. It's easiest if you can stand or prop up the cross so that you can still see it after the veneration takes place. Light a candle, if you have one.


      2. Play "Faithful Cross" as a musical meditation (below). Use this worship aid to follow along and sing, if desired.


        3. Venerate the cross in the way that feels prayerful to you. Many people choose to kneel, or to touch or kiss the cross. 


        4. After your veneration, stand the cross up where it can be seen and spend a few moments in song or silence. 




        Adoration of the Holy Cross


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