Encouragement of Learning


Encouragement of Learning


At LMU, the encouragement of learning takes place in the context of an intellectual tradition that:

  • Insists on critical thinking and the development of imagination and artistic expression
  • Takes philosophical and theological disciplines seriously
  • Engages in ethical discourse and embraces the search for values
  • Respects the integrity of the individual while at the same time pursuing the common good
  • Views the world as sacramental and seeks to find God in all things
  • Encourages an integration of knowledge in which “faith and reason bear witness to the unity of all truth” (Ex Corde Ecclesiae, 1990, #17)

As a foundation for inquiry and learning, we strive to create an intercultural community and to promote ecumenical and interfaith dialogue. This means that at LMU the encouragement of learning is a radical commitment to free and honest inquiry—but always with reverence before the mystery of the universe and openness to transcendent reality.




Encouragement of Learning in Action



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