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Virtual Ministry Experience

Campus Ministry reaches out to support students of all faith backgrounds -- all those searching for deeper meaning in their lives. In Campus Ministry, students will find a welcoming environment where they can express their faith passionately, share their questions, and discern their vocation in community.

Welcome to the Student Spiritual Community

Through worship, prayer, the sacraments, retreats, spiritual direction, social justice opportunities, faith sharing groups, and a wide variety of other programming, we invite our students to grow spiritually and religiously.

Campus Ministry provides students a place to Believe, to Belong, and to Become.




Upcoming Events

Fall Semester

All program Zoom links can be found on the Campus Ministry LEO portal

Oct. 21: The Well | 5:30pm | RSVP on LEO

Oct. 22: CLC Programming | 7pm | Zoom | RSVP on LEO

Oct. 23: Higher Learning Bible Study | 11am | RSVP on LEO

Oct. 25: Evensong | 3:40pm | RSVP on LEO

Oct. 26: Devos - Book of Daniel | 10am | RSVP on LEO

Oct. 27: Virtual Feed the Hungry | 11:30am | Zoom | RSVP on LEO

Oct. 27: Devos - Book of Hosea |2pm | RSVP on LEO

Oct 27: LMU Rosary Group | 5pm | Zoom | RSVP on LEO

Oct. 28: The Well | 5:30pm | RSVP on LEO

Oct. 29: CLC Halloween | 7pm | Zoom | RSVP on LEO

Oct. 30: Higher Learning Bible Study | 11am | RSVP on LEO

Nov. 2: Devos - Book of Daniel | 10am | RSVP on LEO

Nov. 3: Devos - Book of Hosea | 2pm | RSVP on LEO

Nov 3: LMU Rosary Group | 5pm | Zoom | RSVP on LEO

Nov. 3: Virtual Cave | 11am | Zoom

Nov. 4: Virtual Cave | 11am | Zoom

Nov. 4: The Well | 5:30 | RSVP on LEO

Nov. 5: Virtual Cave | 11am | Zoom

Nov. 6: Higher Learning Bible Study | 11am | RSVP on LEO

Nov. 9: Devos - Book of Daniel | 10am | RSVP on LEO

Nov 10: LMU Rosary Group | 5pm | Zoom | RSVP on LEO

Nov. 10: Virtual Cave | 11am | Zoom

Nov. 11: Virtual Cave | 11am | Zoom

Nov. 12: Virtual Cave | 11am | Zoom

Nov 17: LMU Rosary Group | 5pm | Zoom | RSVP on LEO

Nov. 17: Virtual Cave | 11am | Zoom

Nov. 18: Virtual Cave | 11am | Zoom

Nov. 19: Virtual Cave | 11am | Zoom

Nov. 24: Virtual Cave | 11am | Zoom

Nov 24: LMU Rosary Group | 5pm | Zoom | RSVP on LEO

Dec 1: LMU Rosary Group | 5pm | Zoom | RSVP on LEO

Drop-in Hours at the Virtual Cave

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Stop by Campus Ministry's "Virtual Cave" on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays between 11am-1pm (PDT) for fellowship with students and professional staff. Inspired by Ignatius' time in Manresa, this common area underneath Sacred Heart Chapel, referred to as "The Cave," is more than a physical space but, more importantly, one that inspires conversation, connection, and can now be found online!

Students will find this virtual place as way to chat with peers, consult with a member of the Campus Ministry team, and connect to our greater LMU Community.

November 2020 Drop-in Dates:  November 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 19, 24

Enter the Virtual Cave

Meet the Campus Ministers

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Need to contact our staff? Please see the list of department contacts below to schedule a virtual appointment.

Meet the Ministers


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