Spring 2020 Kairos has passed and it was awesome!

"Kairos" is the Greek word in Christian scripture for "momentary time," sometimes referred to as "God's time." At LMU, Kairos is a weekend retreat from Friday afternoon until Sunday evening that invites students to consider what it means to live intentionally in "God's time." It invites students to closely examine their relationships with God, themselves, and others. Kairos is, in format and content, a Catholic and specifically Ignatian retreat. It welcomes students of any religious tradition as well as those from no religious tradition at all. 

Kairos is open to all LMU students who have not already been on Kairos or a Kairos-type retreat. If you have gone on Kairos or a Kairos-type retreat, please speak email us prior to signing up. We hope that you will apply to lead a Kairos retreat at LMU. We also encourage you to attend other retreats that we offer here at LMU.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Christine Koehl at Christine.Koehl@lmu.edu or in the Campus Ministry Office at Malone 210. The cost is $75 to attend (covers food, lodging, and transportation).