World Youth Day & The MAGIS Experience

Magis & World Youth Day

World Youth Day Madrid Group

Every two-three years, pilgrims from around the world gather in one city to celebrate their faith in communion with each other and with the Church, including the participation of the Holy Father, Pope Francis.

The MAGIS Experience

Prior to World Youth Day, Jesuit institutions from across the globe will congregate in Salvador, Brazil for what is called "The MAGIS Experience," a ten day immersion experience. Some events include hiking through the mountains to experiences in spirituality at an Island retreat house. Some will be traveling to the Amazon, others working in Afro-Brazilian music schools. At environmentally conscious farm schools near Recife, students will have a wonderful and very rich experience of the Society in Latin America, particularly in the context of the many ways in which it relates to the materially poor. Add to that the planned participation of Fr. General Adolfo Nicolas, SJ in Salvador, and World Youth Day in Rio, and we know that our students will have a beautiful and life-changing experience.

RIO 2013: A Look Back

MAGIS pilgrims, including LMU student Genevieve Guerra (center) venture through rural Brazil in July 2013

World Youth Day Magis Pilgrimage

A Jesuitas - Brasil magazine features Superior General Adolfo Nicolas, SJ and the former Jorge Bergoglio, SJ, now Pope Francis

World Youth Day Jesuitas

MAGIS pilgrims traverse the state of Bahia landscape in July 2013

World Youth Day Capim Grosso

Pope Francis waves hello to Jesuit pilgrims outside the collegio in Botafoga, Rio de Janeiro

Christ the Redeemer towers over Rio de Janeiro at the base of the South American continent

World Youth Day Cristo Statue

Below, John Galvan, SJ accompanies students to World Youth Day in Madrid, Summer 2011

World Youth Day Madrid Group