CLC Encounter Retreat

CLC invites you to attend Encounter 2021! More info coming soon!

Prayer is often viewed as a loving encounter between humanity and God, a building up of that relationship. With the busyness of daily life- balancing classes, homework, jobs, friendships, and family life- we often struggle to spend quality time with God. As our encounter lessens, our relationship weakens. Encounter 2020 is a chance to get away from campus in order to spend time in prayer and reflection, ultimately reinvigorating the participants’ prayer lives. Encounter is an opportunity to re-encounter God and grow in relationship with the One who has so much love for us. Students who attend this retreat will be given the spiritual toolbox needed to better incorporate prayer into their daily lives so they can continue encountering God back on the bluff.

Cost is $75. Transportation will be arranged. Lodging and meals are provided. Registration may be paid in installments. Financial assistance is available on a case by case basis. Please contact Victoria Zobrist in Malone 210, or contact her at to discuss your options.


Encounter student walking in the woods

Encounter circle photo



Student group photo in the woods

encounter group photo

Encounter 4