Lion Prayerbook - LMU Community Reflections and Meditations

Download your copy of the 2013 Lion Prayerbook!

The Lion Prayerbook, Third Edition (2013) is a student coordinated promotion of prayer within the LMU community.

Additionally, we hope this little book holds a deep call to faith to be sought after and discovered by those who read it.

Found inside these pages are a collection of prayers written by LMU students, faculty, staff, and religious community members, as well as religious leaders who are either celebrating their faith or struggling to hold on to it. These prayers go deeply into the writers' thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

By doing so, they offer an encounter of faith for both the readers and authors themselves.

A prayer from The Lion Prayerbook, Third Edition:

I seek clarity to discern Your presence.
I am grateful for your gentleness, open
to the challenges of faith, and ready to
receive Your grace. Receive me, even in
my brokenness so that I may find peace
in the company of the Father, Son, and
Holy Spirit. Amen."

-Sean Baba, '16