Resources for Prayer In These Times

Gospel Reflections for Holy Week

You are invited to join the LMU Community for three prayer services to mark the Easter Triduum, the holiest days of the Christian Calendar. These moments of prayer, scripture readings, live music and reflection sponsored by Campus Ministry will be celebrated on: 

  • Fr. Marc Reeves, S.J., Associate Vice President for Mission and Ministry, delivers a reflection on the Gospel for Palm Sunday (5:00). 

Manresa Moments

Prayer Resources: 

  1. “Faith During Difficult Times,” Homily, March 22, 2020 - Fr. Russ Roide, SJ: 
  11. LTP - Celebrating the Liturgy of the Hours at home: 
  12. The Liturgy of the Hours - Felix Just, SJ: 
  13. The Liturgy of the Hours - The Divine Office: 
  14. Mass and Liturgy of the Hours - Universalis: 
  15. A Guide to the Order of Mass - Felix Just, SJ - 
  16. Lectionary Guide for Jesuit Feast days: 
  17. Daily Ignatian prayers, meditations and Scripture: 
  18. Prayers of St. Ignatius of Loyola: 
  19. Ignatian Spirituality, Prayers, Examens, etc. - by Loyola Press: 
  20. Online Retreats for Everyday LIfe - Creighton University: 
  21. Ignatian Discernment, Spirituality and Prayer - LMU Center for Ignatian Spirituality: 
  22. Pray as you Go Podcasts - Jesuit Ministries, English Province: 
  23. Sacred Space, Daily Prayer - Irish Jesuits: 
  24. Daily 3-Minute Retreat - Loyola Press: 
  25. Lunchtime Examen - Jim Manney, Loyola Press: 
  26. Lectio Divina - Beliefnet: 
  27. Examen – America Magazine, James Martin, SJ: 
  28. Emaus Spiritual Ministries – Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange 


General Resources: