Loyola Marymount University is committed to building a community based on the creed of the Lion's Code where individuals act with integrity, stand in faith and serve one another.‌

Student safety is our top priority and we have zero tolerance for sexual or interpersonal misconduct in our community.

The LMU CARES website contains valuable resources, information, news and events.

Confidential Counseling

Title IX requires all universities to identify "responsible employees" as those who are obligated to report all details of an incident of sexual or interpersonal misconduct, including the identities of those involved, to the Department of Public Safety whenever that information is brought forward to the employee. The Department of Public Safety will notify the Title IX Coordinator when a report has been filed. Responsible employees include faculty, administrative staff and some student staff.

To read further about Confidential Counseling, visit the Confidential Counseling page on the LMU CARES website.

Pastoral Counseling

Pastoral counselors, such as Catholic priests and women religious, are not required to report any information regarding an alleged sexual misconduct or interpersonal misconduct, to the Department of Public Safety, the Title IX Coordinator or any other reporting body, without consent from the student, provided they receive the information in performance of their pastoral duties.

Campus Ministry provides confidential pastoral counseling. If you would like to meet with a Jesuit priest, woman religious or ordained pastor in performance of their ministry duties, please contact Campus Ministry.