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Done and Gone - Consider where we are going.

In colloquial English, people are sometimes spoken of as done, or as gone, meaning that they have died, which is perhaps not the most gracious way of referring to anyone. More usually, we refer to persons as having done something or as having gone somewhere. Or, we might use the words in this way to indicate that someone has not only done or completed a specific task, but has also gone or left the immediate area. This latter meaning can be applied in a positive manner to someone who has died, and by reflection, to our own attitude about our lives in the present.

For some, any thought about being done with this life is not what they choose to consider, thereby implicitly precluding any consideration about where they might go after they have died. A more attractive alternative might be to reflect on our beliefs about our hoped-for destination after death, before giving any thought to death itself. If our final destiny is understood to be that of absolute unlimited love, then we have something in mind that will positively affect our lives in the present and in the future.

For those of us whose days are, upon reflection, primarily occupied with thoughts, intentions and actions that are of benefit to others in some way, being done with such a life in a movement toward completely unhindered love is not a frightful thought at all. Rather, to think that we will no longer be subject to all the daily influences that urge upon us power and control, possessions and appearances as of most importance, seems not only believable, but quite desirable. We are not accidents of evolution. Rather, we are loved in our individual uniqueness by a Creator who is drawing us towards and into the all-encompassing love of God and all of God’s creation

Our love for life is not a selfish movement of trying to hang on to a possession that will someday be taken from us when we are gone, but a consequence of our innate sense that this body, in which and through which we now live our manner of loving, is not done. Our bodies will certainly be changed to match our after-death manner of loving, but ultimately, we will live in our bodies, not without them.

God’s love for us is never done, and never gone from us. However, reflecting on what we believe about who are with God and our future with God makes a great deal of difference for us in our personal experience of this love.

  Last Updated 7/2/2022