Huesman Chapel

The first student residence on campus, dedicated to a generous donor, Ralph R. Huesman, was built shortly after WWII and integrates the chapel within the one-story building. Those who enter the plain-looking entrance will find a quiet room illuminated with brilliant warm light from two floor-to-ceiling cut glass windows that provide a deeply calming perspective. The seating of free-standing chairs allows for a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere that is supported by details of wall-mounted oil lamps, a brass dove figure in the curved back wall, and some small stained glass windows.

The windows were designed by resident artist Sister Genevieve Underwood, R.S.H.M. The Chapel is located in the wing of Huesman Hall adjacent to the fountain that stands directly in front of the Doheny Building.

To the left of the fountain‌ plaza in front of Doheny Residence Hall.
                              Detail: Tabernacle, built into the wall.


Last Updated: 5/28/15