Steering Committee

Members of the Steering Committee

Katherine Brown
Assistant Director of the Academy of Catholic Thought and Imagination

Rebecca Chandler
Vice President for Human Resources

Robbin Crabtree
Dean of the Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts

Franca Dell'Olio
Associate Professor of Educational Leadership

Sean Dempsey, S.J.
Assistant Professor of History

Collin Hinds
Director of Development

Mary Beth Ingham, C.S.J.
Distinguished Scholar of Philosophy and Trustee

Laura Massa
Director of Assessment

Cathy McGrath
Associate Professor of Management

Herbert Medina
Associate Dean of the Seaver College of Science and Engineering

Jeanne Ortiz
Dean of Students

John Parrish
Special Assistant to the President

Bryan Pham, S.J.
Law School Chaplain

Sue Scheibler
Associate Professor of Film and TV Studies

John Sebastian
Vice President for Mission and Ministry (Chair)

Kevin Wetmore
Professor of Theatre Arts

Caroline Wilhelm
University Treasurer