Welcome (10:00-10:10)

[Anna Harrison]

 Session 1: The Paradox of Nothing, Structures, and Disciplines (10:10-11:20)

[Moderator: Eric Haruki Swanson]

  1. Paul Harris (ENG) “Nothing but Paradox, Paradoxes about Nothing”
  2. Diarmuid Breathnach (THST) “Eisai and the Zen Paradox”
  3. Ray Toal (CMSI) “The Paradox that Led to the Founding of Computer Science as a Discipline”

Break (11:20-11:25)

Session 2: Paradox, God, and the Taming of Evil (11:25-12:35)

[Moderator: Anna Harrison]

  1. David Kovacs (PHIL) “Liars Lying and the Underlying Truths of the Eucharist”
  2. Eric Haruki Swanson (THST) “The Buddhist Lord of Desire and the Paradox of Enlightenment in Medieval Japan”
  3. Gil Klein (THST) “The Paradox of Domesticating Demons in Rabbinic Literature and Jewish Incantation Bowls”

Lunch Break (12:35-1:05)

Session 3: Paradox, Desire, and Wonder (1:05-2:15)

[Moderator: Eric Haruki Swanson]

  1. Frank Stephen Kuwornu (THST) “Is Earthly Desire Paradoxical?: Bernard of Clairvaux’s On Loving God, Part I”
  2. Anna Harrison (THST) “The Paradox of Celestial Desire: Bernard of Clairvaux’s On Loving God, Part II”
  3. Sarah Maclay (ENG): “Presence through Absence: A Poetry of Paradox”

Break (2:15-2:20)

Keynote (2:20-3:00)

[Moderator: Anna Harrison]

Asuka Sango (Carleton College) “Buddhist Debate in Medieval Japan: Its Epistemic Paradox and

Soteriological Possibility”

Roundtable Discussion (3:00-3:25)

[Moderator: José Garcia Moreno, Director, Academy of Catholic Thought and Imagination]

Concluding Remarks (3:25-3:30)

[Eric Haruki Swanson]


*20 min presentations per speaker, 10 min Q&A following each session