Fr. Wajira Nampet, S.J.

Professor Wajira Nampet, S.J., Ph.D. is an educator and psychologist counselor from the Jesuit Province of Japan. Starting in August 2020, he is on a sabbatical to pursue his academic interests at LMU as a recipient of Visiting Jesuit Scholar Program, and to teach and conduct research at School of Education. He once came to serve LMU as a full-time visiting professor at School of Education, handling courses of applied educational psychology in 2005-07. Prior to LMU, he recently taught Psycho-social Anthropology at Sophia University, Japan.

Prof. Wajira has been a teacher for over 40 years at all educational levels and in various international schools and colleges, chiefly teaching education, mathematics, statistics and psychology. As a psychologist, he has been invited for lectures or research programs, particularly with reference to moral judgment competence in relation to personality types, by several foreign universities in both Europe and Asia.

According to his educational background, Prof. Wajira earned his B.S. in Mathematics from Chiang Mai University and M.A. in Educational Measurement and Evaluation from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. He completed his doctoral studies in Educational Psychology, a joint degree program conferred by Boston College and Ateneo de Naga University of the Philippines. He also holds a S.T.B. and M.A. in Theology from Ateneo de Manila University Loyola School of Theology, the Philippines. In addition, he did his special studies and gave lectures in psychology at Harvard University. His varied publications disclose both his wide-ranging interests in such as education, psychology, anthropology and religion (e.g. Buddhist-Christian dialogue), and his fluency in several languages. With the exception of his academic work, he is a human-like sculpture artist and an international marathon runner.