Recruiting and Hiring for Mission

As former New York Times religion correspondent Peter Steinfels has pointed out, “The future of Catholic identity in higher education is inescapably linked to hiring practices” (A People Adrift, p.152).  At LMU we seek to factor into faculty hiring respectful attention to the University’s Catholic identity and Jesuit-Marymount heritage.  The primary concern in hiring for mission, beyond professional expertise, is not candidates’ personal beliefs or religious practice but their openness to issues at the intersection of faith and reason and their willingness to entertain a world view that encompasses creation, incarnation, and redemption in Jesus.

The mandate to hire for mission, and best practices for doing so, are analogous to the mandate and best practices to hire for diversity.  At LMU hiring for diversity is a key component of our mission.  As we read in the preamble to the Mission Statement, “By intention and philosophy, we invite men and women diverse in talents, interests, and cultural backgrounds to enrich our educational community and enhance our mission.”

The Office of Mission and Ministry and the Office of Intercultural Affairs have worked collaboratively to develop what are now widely acclaimed protocols for recruiting and hiring for mission/diversity.  The manuals that accompany our Foundations and Guidelines workshops for faculty search committees will soon be available for online access.