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RCIA, Confirmation and Reconciliation


Christian Initiation

Infant and Adult Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist are events on each person’s journey of faith within the community of the Church. This means they are not automatically connected to a grade or age, but are a natural step on the path of faith development.  The sacraments of initiation are conferred upon members of the university community through the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults and Confirmation programs.


For more information, contact Fr. Marc Reeves, SJ at or (310)338-5708. Classes normally begin the first Sunday of October.








Undergraduate, graduate and law students; faculty, and staff are eligible to be married at Loyola Marymount. For alumni, weddings must occur in Sacred Heart Chapel no later than five years following graduation. Marriage Preparation sessions are required for engaged couples to assess their readiness for marriage and to assist them in understanding that marriage is a vocation, a covenant and a sacrament.

For more information, contact Fr. John Galvan, SJ at or (310) 338-7534.


Penance, or Confession, is offered to the university community regularly. There are two Communal Penance Services offered during the academic year. Services bring members of the university community together in prayer and meditation, and offer an opportunity for reflection, healing and individual reconciliation.
Reconciliation is held every Wednesday at 9 PM in Sacred Heart Chapel.

Sacramental Preparation

Each sacrament requires time, dedication and proper preparation. For those interested in Adult Baptism through the R.C.I.A. and Confirmation, the Office for Sacramental Preparation in Campus Ministry provides the proper preparation programs necessary to engage this sacrament. Those interested in Infant Baptism or Marriage, however, are required to fulfill the necessary preparation programs at their local parish.

For more information, contact Fr. John Galvan, SJ at or (310) 338-7534. Confirmation classes begin in September every Fall semester.

For general questions related to receiving the Sacraments at LMU, please contact the Campus Ministry office at (310) 338-2860.