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Spirituality Online

Jesuit Websites Includes the LMU Jesuit Community as well as national and worldwide Jesuit News resources.

Ignatian Spirituality Websites Resources, especially Centers for Ignatian Spirituality, found on the Web. 

Justice Links:

Jesuit Commons: Higher Education at the Margins Connecting people and ideas to communities in need.
Ignatian Solidarity Network  A network that actively promotes communication, education, social justice awareness and action among Jesuit member institutions and individuals.
Promotio Justitiae The Jesuit Journal "At the Service of Faith that does Justice."
Jesuit Refugee Services
An international organization providing information and volunteer opportunities.
Jesuit Volunteers 
The Jesuit Volunteer Corps serves the poor throughout the U.S.
Ignatian Volunteer Corps
 A national organization for those who are 55 and older and wish to incorporate Ignatian Spirituality into their volunteer service. There is a Los Angeles chapter of the IVC.  
Human Rights Watch
  The Pacific Institute for Community Organizing is highly effective in helping communities organize for local justice issues.
The Catholic Campaign for Human Development
  is the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' organization for social justice.
Jesuits and Partners together for Justice A Jesuit organization that supports and encourages Jesuits and partners, in their work for social justice and peace worldwide. 
Catholic News Service is the most respected source of World news about matters relating to the Catholic Church. 

Prayer Sites:

Sacred Space is one of the best Websites in the world for taking a "prayer-break."
Pray as You Go contains music, scripture, and questions for reflection as downloadable files.
Prayer Windows offers original art, together with suggestions for prayer.
A Jesuit-Sponsored Prayer Ministry  in Singapore is intended for "busy persons."
The Apostleship of Prayer offers daily reflections. and promotes devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, particularly through the daily Morning Offering of prayers, works, joys, and sufferings for the intentions of the People of God.
3-Minute Retreats are provided by Loyola Press. 
Some excellent on-line essays about prayer have been written by Fr. Jean Veltrie, SJ.

Ignatian Spirituality Blog: by women and men who are at home with Ignatian Spirituality


Updated 3/29/16