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Center for Ignatian Spirituality

Calendar of Events for Faculty and Staff
2013 - 2014


Ignatian Spiritual Exercises for Busy Persons

Learn about personally adapted Ignatian spiritual exercises for faculty and staff.



If you wish to consider making Ignatian exercises, please call the Center for Ignatian Spirituality at 8-1806, or contact either Anne Hennessy, CSJ ahennes3@lmu,or Randy Roche, SJ

 For more information about Ignatian spiritual exercises, please visit our introductory page: Spiritual Exercises.

 The Ignatian Spiritual Exercises for Busy Persons is a personally beneficial option that is available to faculty and staff at LMU, and usually takes 30+ weeks to complete.



"Representations of Jesuit

Spirituality in Horror Cinema"

Presentation by Kevin Wetmore, Chair, Theatre Arts 

Wednesday, October 16, 1:00 to 2:30 pm, Collins Center


Professor Wetmore will talk about representations of Jesuit spirituality in horror cinema. From "The Exorcist" (which had two Jesuits as advisors who also acted in the film) to more recent fare such as "The Devil Inside," Hollywood both misrepresents Jesuits and paradoxically offers a way of understanding Ignatian spirituality as a means to combat evil in the modern world.

Though reservations are not required, we would appreciate receiving word of your intentions to join us for the presentation. Please call 8-1806, or send an email to We will be happy to send you an email reminder on the day before the presentation.





"Solving Conflicts in the

Jesuit Tradition" 

Presentation by Mary J.Britt

Tuesday October, 22 from Noon-1:30pm (Luncheon provided)



In the course of her presentation, she will offer practical conflict resolution skills to use in every-day situations, and will engage in a discussion about how mediation fits into the Ignatian framework of higher education.

Mary J. Britt, an attorney, is the Assistant Director of Operations at The Loyola Law School Center For Conflict Resolution, providing mediation and conciliation services to the Los Angeles community, supervising and mentoring law students and providing community outreach services. She received her Juris Doctor degree from Loyola Law School, receiving the Dean's Service Award for her work as a student at The Center. She is also Project Manager and Adjunct Professor for the Consumer-Debt Options Counseling Clinic, a project of The Center For Conflict Resolution.

To make a reservation, please call 338-1806, or send an email to We will send an email reminder, and the location, on the day before the luncheon presentation.



Faculty and Staff Mini-Retreat

 Saturday, November 9, 2013

10am-2pm in The Jesuit Community, with luncheon



The retreat will focus on themes of gratitude with time for personal silent prayer and reflection as well as dialoge, presented by Sister Anne Hennessy, CSJ and Fr. Randy Roche, SJ. 

For further information, please call 338-1806,   or send an email to




 Spiritual Exercises with 

Fr. Michael Hansen, SJ

    Tuesday, November 12, 3-4pm in The Collins Center


Those who have an interest in Ignatian Spirituality should find this gathering to be quite interesting and enlightening.

Father Hansen comes to us from Australia, where he has gained extensive experience with what he calls "First Spiritual Exercises," which have proven to be of great benefit for people in parishes and prisons, schools and homes, whether working or retired. His book provides four separate but complete retreat experiences of four weeks, each of which might suffice for an individual, or which might be taken up at later dates.  

While there is no need to make a reservation, we would welcome knowing that you be attending so that we might ensure sufficient seating and printed resources.

Please call 338-1806, or send an email to We will send an email reminder, on the Monday, November 11.




Open Mike: Pope Francis

Wednesday, November 13 from Noon- 1:00pm 

Food and Drink will be Provided



Would you be interested in hearing how other faculty, staff and administrators respond, to the question: "What does it mean to you personally as you hear/ read about Pope Francis?"

To initiate the sharing, Vicki Graf, Jade Smith, David Burcham and Dorian Llywelyn, have agreed to tell us quite briefly about their personal experience of the Pope's words and actions. Immediately following, we will open up the discussion to all attendees and hope to hear from all those who wish to respond and can do so, within our limited time-frame.

Please let us know that you will attend, by calling the Center for Ignatian Spirituality at 88695 or by sending an email to We will send you an email reminder, and identify the location, on Tuesday, November 12.





Discernment in Decision Making

Tuesday, November 26 from 9am-11am in UH 1900

Fr. Randy Roche, SJ will guide discussion about practical means for improving or enhancing our daily decisions. Pope Francis has recently brought the word "discernment" into wider public consciousness.

The workshop is sponsored by Learning and Development /Human Resources, and will be held in the Human Resources meeting room. You are welcome to register directly with HR through their MyLMU pages, or by calling the Center for Ignatian Spirituality at 88695 or sending an email to




Two Musical Pre-Christmas


Tuesday, December 3 and Tuesday, December 10

from 12:00 to 1:15 pm   


  Faculty and Staff are welcome to join a select group of LMU musicians under the direction of John Flaherty and Chris de Silva for a pre-Christmas meal. The luncheon will include an ambience of music and offer an experience of prayer, song, and Scripture that provides excellent community preparation for the upcoming holidays.

 Each of these luncheons is a separate event; both will include music, prayer, and reflection. 

To make a reservation, please call 8-1806, or send an email to We will send an email reminder, and the location, on the day before the luncheon.


Faculty and Staff

Weekend Retreat

Ignatian Themes for

Reflection and Prayer

Friday, February 7- Sunday February 9

at the Mary and Joseph Retreat Center in

Palos Verdes. 


The retreat begins Friday evening at 7:30pm and ends Sunday, after lunch. 

Fr. Randy Roche, SJ and Sr. Anne Hennessey, CSJ will guide the retreat, which will include silent time for personal prayer and reflection, and experiences of group sharing.

The Center for Ignatian Spirituality sponsors the retreat at no cost to participants. Spouses or partners are welcome to attend.

To register, or for further information, please email or call 310.338.1806.



       Lenten Musical Luncheon

  Thursday, February 20 from Noon-1:15pm


The luncheon will offer a peaceful, communal experience of reflection and prayer in preparation for the Lenten journey to Easter.

We will send an email reminder, and the location, on the day prior to the luncheon.

To register for this event, or for further details, please call 310.338.1806 or email




   Pope Francis and Leadership

Monday, February 24, Noon-1:15pm

(luncheon provided) 



Chris Lowney, author of Heroic Leadership and recently, Pope Francis, will meet with a group of faculty and staff over lunch. Chris will talk about Pope Francis and Leadership, and will include examples of actions and writings of the Pope that have occurred since he published his book (early fall of 2013).

We will send an email reminder, and the location, the day before the luncheon. 

To register for this event, or for further details, please call 310.338.1806 or email





Urban Ecology and

Care for Creation:

A Tour of Ballona Discovery Park

Friday, March 28 from Noon-2pm 

(Boxed lunch provided)


On Friday, March 28 from Noon-2:00pm, Presidential Professor Eric Strauss, Director of Discovery Park, will guide LMU faculty and staff on a tour of Ballona Discovery Park.

We will send an email reminder, and further details on Thursday, March 27.

To register for this event, please call 310.338.1806 or email



 LMU Places of Peace Pilgrimage

with Fr. Randy Roche, S.J. 

Tuesday, April 8 12:05-1:30pm

(Boxed Lunch Provided)

On Tuesday, April 8, Student Affairs and The Center for Ignatian Spirituality are co-sponsoring a "Places of Peace Pilgrimage" around LMU's campus. The tour will be guided by Fr. Randy and will include a boxed lunch. To register, or for further details, please email or visit our Coming Events page, here.



El Camino de Santiago:

A Medieval Pilgrimage for

Modern Times

Wednesday, April 9 from Noon-1:15pm

(Luncheon Provided)


The Camino de Santiago takes pilgrims through beautiful European cities and countryside and also promotes an inner journey to explore one’s spirituality, religiosity and relationship with God.

In the presentation, three LMU pilgrims, Elmo Johnson, Events Specialist, Herbert A. Medina, Professor of Mathematics and Louisa Vakili, Director of Financial Services/Bursar will provide a general overview of the Camino, including photos from their pilgrimage and share some of their practical advice and personal, emotional, spiritual experiences of the Camino journey.

We will send an email reminder, and the location, the day before the luncheon. 

To register for this event, or for further details, please call 310.338.1806 or email

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Those Feisty Women

of the Gospels


Kathy Coffey

        Sunday, June 1, 2014 at 11:30 a.m.

The Atrium in University Hall


Please join Ignatian Volunteer Corps, L.A. and the Center for Ignatian spirituality for the Ignatian Volunteer Corps First Annual Luncheon and Speaker. 

Women were there at every juncture of Jesus’ life: from his conception to his resurrection. Over time, they may have been edited out of the gospels, or their roles diminished, so let’s resurrect their stories. We can re-imagine their lives, using an ancient Midrash technique. Then we’ll make the link to our lives: what do they teach us today? Come for reflection, surprise and a new approach to reading the gospels.

 Kathy Coffey, Speaker, Writer, Poet, Mother of 4 Grandmother of 3, Author of 15 award winning books.

  • For more information, please call or email, Anne Hansen, 310-338-2358,
  • If you would like a hard copy sent to you via campus mail, or to reserve your spot by May 19thplease email: 






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