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Coming Events for Faculty and Staff
2014 - 2015

Ignatian Spiritual Exercises for Busy Persons

Learn about personally adapted Ignatian spiritual exercises for faculty and staff.

If you wish to learn more about the practical and personal options available for engaging in Ignatian Spiritual Exercises, please contact us for a private meeting: 310.338.1806 or

At any time during the year, if you are interested in exploring the possibility of making Ignatian exercises, please call the Center for Ignatian Spirituality at 8-1806, or contact Anne Hennessy, CSJ at or Randy Roche, SJ at

For more information about Ignatian spiritual exercises, please visit our introductory page: Spiritual Exercises.

The Ignatian Spiritual Exercises for Busy Persons is available to all faculty and staff at LMU, and usually takes 30+ weeks to complete.

Ballona Wetlands  
Randy Roche, S.J. 

Ignatian Decision-Making (for Busy Persons)

Wednesday, October 15, 9:00 - 11:00am

Randy Roche, S.J. will lead a session in which participants learn about some of the practical applications of Ignatian decision-making that Pope Francis uses, and also gain experience in identifying their own "best practices" in making decisions.

Years before he became a priest and founded the Jesuits, Ignatius of Loyola was teaching busy women and men about the decision-making practices he had learned through reflection on his own experience.

To register for the presentation, or to obtain more information, please call 81806 or send an email to

This event will be held in UNH 1900, with Human Resources as sponsor

A Sponsored Event

The Madonna Della Strada Celebration of the Ignatian Volunteer Corps, honoring Wayne Negrete, SJ and the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, Sunday, October 26, 4-7pm. For more information please click here. To RSVP please click here.  


They Come Back Singing: Caring for Sudanese Refugees

Tuesday, November 11, Noon - 1:30pm, in VDA 190 with luncheon

A presentation by Gary Smith, S.J., who has recently returned from 12 years serving the poor in African refugee camps, where he worked with both Catholic and Muslim refugees from the Sudan and other East African countries. His book, They Come Back Singing: Finding God with the Refugees, is based on his experiences of years with Jesuit Refugee Services, and is filled with human stories of beauty that were found in the midst of every form of poverty.

Fr. Smith worked with several young students while he was at Kakuma Refugee camp, including Luul, a Muslim from Somalia. (The photo)

“The Spirit works in all cultures, and the Church discovers who she is in the presence of the poor.” (Gary Smith, S.J.)

To register for the luncheon presentation, please send email to or call 81806.

 Gary Smith, S.J.

Lacrimae Rerum: The Tears of/for Things

Tuesday, November 18, Noon - 1:30pm, in VDA 190 with luncheon

Much philosophy and literature seems to suggest that life is a generally tragic affair, filled with suffering and loss, and without any real meaning. Much of 20th century philosophy is obsessed with death, absurdity, tragedy, loss, angst, and similar subject, which reaches an apotheosis of sorts in “anti-natalist” philosophies that suggest it is better not to be born.

Against this backdrop, Brian Treanor, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy and Director of Environmental Studies, will speak about the nature of joy in this life, and its relationship to tragedy and sorrow. The focus of his current work is to articulate a philosophy capable of a full-throated affirmation of life, the world, and being, while recognizing the inescapable tragedies of existence as tragedies, and retaining the prerogative to reject injustice, cruelty, and evil.

To read more about this event please click here.

To register for the luncheon presentation, please send email to or call 81806.

Two Musical Pre-Christmas Luncheons

Tuesday, December 2nd Tuesday, December 9 from 12:00 to 1:15 pm.

Faculty and Staff are welcome to join a select group of LMU musicians under the direction of John Flaherty and Chris de Silva for a pre-Christmas meal. The luncheon will include an ambience of music and offer an experience of prayer, song, and Scripture that provides excellent community preparation for the upcoming holidays.

Each of these luncheons is a separate event; both will include music, prayer, and reflection.

To make a reservation, please call 8-1806, or send an email to We will send an email reminder, and the location, on the day before the luncheon.

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